NCERT Solutions for class 5 English Unit-4



Let’s Read
1. According to the poet, should you cry a little or should you cry a lot?
Ans. According to the poet, you should cry a lot.

2. What can you do after crying a lot?
Ans. After crying a lot you can laugh heartily.

3. (i) Read the first two lines of the poem. Is the mood happy? sad?  angry? jealous? upset?
(ii)In the last few lines the mood of the poet has changed. What is it now?
Very happy angry cheerful sad jealous
Ans. (i) sad (ii) very happy.

4. Are these sentences right or wrong?
(i) The poet says you must not cry much. ( )
(ii)The poet says that you should cry till your pillow is soaked. ( )
(iii)The poet says that after crying you should open the window and laugh so
that people will see that you are happy. ( )
(iv)The poet says that you should open the window and show people that you
are crying. ( )
Ans. (i) wrong (ii) right (iii) right (iv) wrong

Let’s Talk
1.Where do you cry? What are the things that make you cry?
Ans. I cry before my mother. I cry when my sister disturbs me or when I fall down and get hurt.

2. Can you cry when you are happy?
Ans. No. Not at all.

3.Which are the things that make you happy? In what way do you show your happiness?
Ans.Attending parties and purchasing new dresses make me happy. I show my happiness by laughing loudly and jumping on my bed.

Word Building
The word happiness ends in -ness and comes from the word happy. Write three words that end in the same way. Which words do they come from?
————- ness;————- .
Ans. (i)cleverness   clever
(ii)ugliness                ugly
(iii)neatness              neat

Let’s Write
1.Fill in the blanks with the exact feeling word.
(i)The tourists were to see the beautiful Taj Mahal.
(amazed, shocked, worried)
(ii)The lights went out suddenly. I was alone and .
(worried, shocked, frightened)
(iii)He has been ill for a long time and his parents were _.
(unhappy, worried, angry)
(iv)The shopkeeper was ” when he saw his safe wide open with all his
money missing. (unhappy, shocked, angry)
Ans. (i) amazed (ii) frightened (iii) worried (iv) shocked.



Reading is Fun
1.What are the things that Munna liked to do?
Ans. Munna liked to play games and fly kites. He also liked to draw pictures of birds and animals.

2. What did Bhaiya do all day?
Ans. Bhaiya studied all day. Sometimes he read books and sometimes wrote the same word and sentence several times in order to learn them.

3. Why was Munna not happy with the time table that Bhaiya made for him?
Ans.It was because Munna loved to play but there was no scope for it in the time table.

4. How do you think Munna felt when his brother was so strict with him? Why was Bhaiya so strict with him?
Ans. Munna felt disappointed. Bhaiya was so strict with him because he (Munna) was playful by nature and always wanted to play games like kabaddi, volleyball etc.

5.Whose character do you like more—Munna’s or Bhaiya’s?
Ans. I like Bhaiya’s character more than Munna’s because he (Bhaiya) was a dutiful boy and knew his responsibility towards his younger brother. He also gave much importance to his father’s hard earned money.

Let’s Talk
1. Do you have a timetable at school?
How many periods are there for the following subjects and activities in one week?
Ans. English 6, Hindi 5, Maths 5, Science 4, Social Studies 4, Games 2, Art 2, Craft 1, Music 1, Dance 1, Any other activity.

Creative Writting
The format of a letter is given to you.
1. After reading the letter, answer the following questions.
Ans. (i) Who has written the letter?Pratap
(ii)To whom has the letter been written?Mother
(iii) Where is the writer of the letter?Hostel
(iv) What is the name of his hostel?Krishna Bovs’ Hostel
(v)On which date was this letter written? 10th July. 2000

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.
Oliver was a nine-year-old boy. He lived with other homeless boys in an orphanage. He was pale and thin as were the other boys living there. This was because they had to work hard but were never given enough to eat. The owner of the orphanage, Mr Bumble, was a cruel man and he ill-treated the boys. The boys were always hungry. It was true that they were given three meals a day but each meal consisted only of a bowl of watery soup. They were almost starving. So it was decided by them to ask the master for more soup. But who would bell the cat? Finally the task fell to Oliver.
When all the boys had assembled in the cold stone hall for their evening meal, s. the soup was served. It soon disappeared. The boys whispered to one another:and one boy pushed Oliver a little. Oliver, making a brave effort, stood up, walked up to the master with his bowl and spoon in his hand, and said tremblingly, “Please sir, I want some more.”

1.Why did Oliver live in the orphanage?
Ans. Oliver lived in the orphanage because he had no home.

2. Who was Mr Bumble?
Ans. He was the owner of the orphanage.

3.What meal were the boys given?
Ans. They were given only a bowl of watery soup.

4. What did Oliver say to Mr Bumble?
Ans. Oliver said to Mr Bumble that he wanted some more soup.

5. The boys were given three meals a day. Then why were they always hungry?
(i)Because the soup they were given was never enough.
(ii)Because they.worked very hard all day long.
(iii)Because the older boys drank up their soup.  
Ans. (i) Because the soup they were given was never enough.

6. Find the words from the passage that mean the same as
(i)very hungry (para 2)
(ii)to vanish (para 3)
Ans. (i) starving (ii) disappeared

7. ‘All the boys assembled in the cold stone hall.’ Here the word ‘assembled’ means
(i) moved away (ii) collected  (iii) worked together
Ans. (i) collected

8. From the word ‘assembled’ remove the last two letters. Add one letter to make a word which means a time at the school when the whole school gathers.‘Assembled’
Ans. Assembly.

9.Give a suitable title to the passage.
Ans. Oliver in Orphanage.

Let’s Write
To learn means to understand or to gain knowledge.
To teach means to show how or to explain.
Complete the following sentences using the correct form of teach or learn, ‘teach’ , ‘learn’.
1.Will you me chess?
(ii)Mr Sharma class VIII.
(iii)The students have about ‘road safety5.
(iv)My sister has me how to ride a horse.
(v)I have some of the customs of India.
(vi)I how to cycle when I was just four years old.
Ans. (i)teach (ii)teaches
(iii)learned (iv)taught
(v)learned (vi)learned

2. Choose the correct word and complete the paragraph.
Ans. 1.were, 2.were, 3. arrived, 4.left, 5.taken, 6.took, 7.blew, 8.ran, 9.came,
10.did, 11.won, 12.felt.

3.Read the following sentences.
â–º Bhaiya has been studying in the same class for two years, (for a period of time)
â–º Munna was flying kites since the morning, (from a time in the past till the present)
Fill in the blanks using ‘for’ or ‘since’.
(i)I have lived in this house I was a baby.
(ii)This big jar has been in our family many years.
(iii) The old banyan tree in the village has been there the last 200 years.
(iv)Nobody has seen him yesterday.
Ans.(i) since (ii) for (iii) for (iv) since

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