NCERT Solutions for class 5 English Unit-6



Let’s Read
1. What activity was going on in the class?
Ans. A discussion was going on in the class.

2. Who was the quiet one in the class?
Ans. Jane was the quiet one in the class.

3. Why was she quiet?
(i)she was afraid to air her opinions.
(ii)she hated the noise.
(iii)she didn’t like the activity.
(iv)she was quiet by nature.
Ans. (iv) she was quiet by nature.

4. How do you interact in class during discussions? Do you participate or remain quiet?
Ans. I actively participate in class discussions. I don’t like to be quiet.

Think and Write
1.Choose two friends in your class who are very different from each other. Use the clues in the box to describe their nature. You may also add your own words to describe them.
Ans. Shankar and Mani are two friends studying in my class. They sit together everyday. But they are very different from each other. Shankar is naughty and careless whereas Mani is friendly and careful. Shankar is very talkative and talks even in the presence of the teacher. But Mani is quiet and studious. He is also helpful by nature. He is very regular in his work.

2. Fill in the grid given below by assigning qualities to each person. Some clues are given here to help you.
â–º Sangeeta lends her pencil to her partner.
â–º Nirav is also called a chatterbox.
â–º Pranav recently saved a cat from drowning in the lake.
â–º Megha is just the opposite of Nirav.
â–º Mithila always teases everyone.
â–º Ritu is always seen with a book in hand.

Write a Notice
A notice tells who, when where, and what
The girls and boys of Class V wrote notices for the bulletin board.
1.Read Sheela’s notice. Discuss the questions that follow.
â–º Who was to meet?               â–º Where were they to meet?
â–º When were they to meet? â–º What were they to do?

  • The Drama Committee was to meet.
  • They were to meet at two o’clock.
  • The were to meet in the classroom.
  • They were to plan a play for their Annual Day.

2.Write a notice about Library Committee or a Football match.



Let’s Read
1. How many brothers did the Barber have?
Ans. The Barber had six brothers.

2. Why was the Sultan in a hurry?
Ans. He was in a hurry because he had invited some of his friends to a feast at noon.

3. Why did the Barber take so long to shave the Sultan?
Ans. The Barber took so long to shave the Sultan because he switched over to talking every now and then.

4. Write True or False.
(i)The Barber was shaving the Sultan’s beard.————
(ii)The Sultan gave him three gold coins.————
(iii)The Barber refused to leave the Sultan’s palace.————
(iv)There were seven brothers altogether in the Sultan’s family.————
Ans. (i) False (ii) True (iii) False (iv) False

5. Why did the Barber want a lot of food?
Ans. The Barber wanted a lot of food because he had invited four or five friends to lunch at his house.

Let’s Listen

A Lion
A lion emerged from his lair For a short summer cut to his hair,
But the barber he wept,
While his customers slept
As they waited their turn in the chair.
Joseph G. Francis

Ans. Tell some to read the above poem and listen to him/her.

Let’s Talk
1. Did the Sultan enjoy the Barber’s talk? Why do you say so?
Ans. No. The Sultan didn’t enjoy the Barber’s talk. I say so because he gave all the food prepared for him to the Barber in order to get rid of him.

2.Which part of the story did you find the funniest?
Ans. The Barber went out to see what time it was leaving behind the Sultan’s head half shaved.

3.What are the things the Sultan gave to the barber?
Ans. The Sultan gave three pieces of gold, all the food prepared for him and fruits to the Barber.

4. Do you think the Sultan was really very generous? Why do you say so?
Ans. I am not sure. In my opinion the Sultan showed his generosity in order to get his head fully shaved.

Word Building
1.Study the words in the first column and see the changes in them in the second column. The words in Column II are the opposites of the words in Column I.
I                           II
important       unimportant
patient             impatient
pleasure          displeasure
Now write the opposites of the following using un
Ans.(i) believe disbelieve
(ii) shaved unshaved
(iii) perfect imperfect
(iv) satisfy dissatisfy
(v) polite impolite
(vi) respect disrespect
(vii) pure impure
(viii) expected unexpected
(ix) obedient disobedient

2.Fill in the blanks by adding un, im- or dis- to the words given in the box.
(i)The teacher got upset with Rani because her work was———– .
(ii)The dog was———–to climb the tree to chase the cat.
(iii)I———–hot milk, I like it cold.
(iv)It is———–to cross the road during peak traffic hours.
(v)The magician waved his magic wand and made the rabbit———–.
(vi)The passengers became———–when the train was late again.
(vii) It is very ———– to make fun of another person’s weaknesses.
Ans.(i) untidy (ii) unable (iii) dislike (iv) impossible
(v) disappear (vi) impatient (vii) unkind

3.Notice the highlighted words in the sentence given below.
You ordered me to come, so I will not quit your house have shaved you.
While he was shaving me, he could not stop talking.
Now use the joining words given in the box to fill in the blanks, if or till where unless so while
(i)Please wait with me———–the bus arrives.
(ii)Do you like football———–cricket?
(iii)My father packed my lunch———–my mother combed my hair.
(iv)We will reach on time ———– we go by the car.
(v)Your speech cannot be heard by the audience———–you use a powerful mike.
(vi)It was a beautiful day ———– they decided to go for a picnic.
(vii)We went to the zoo ———– we saw many animals.
Ans. (i) till (ii) or (iii) while (iv) if
(v) until (vi) so (vii) where

Word Fun
1. Look at the words in the bubbles.
Write what you do when are at a
(i)feast? ————
(ii)race? ————
(iii)cricket match? ————
(iv)cinema? ————
(v) fair? ————
(vi) party? ————
Ans. (i) drink, enjoy, serve (iii) play, win, cheer
(v)buy, shout, side

Let’s Write
1.How does your father/uncle shave his face every day?
He lathers his face with shaving cream, then he uses his razor. He runs it over his face, in even strokes. After this, he washes his face and wipes it to get rid of the lather.
Now describe two of the following processes.
(i)How to send a letter/e-mail.
(ii)How to make a salad.
(iii)How to prepare a garden bed to grow flowers.
(iv)How to paint a rural or wall pictures.
Ans. (i) How to send an e-mail

  • For sending an e-mail one needs to start internet and open the website which supports your e-mail ID.
  • Then log into your e-mail account.
  • Choose the option “Compose/New mail”.
  • You will have an e-mail page before you. .
  • You need to write the recipient’s email address.
  • Mention the subject and then attach the file if any containing photo, content etc.
  • Then write your message using the proper format of a letter. x The normal page of e-mail displayed on the screen of your computer shows the following format:

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