NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Unit-8



Reading is Fun
1.What are the things the girl does not want to share?
Ans. The girl does not want to share her sweets, book and doll.

2. Did the boy share his toffee and tricycle with others?
Ans. No, the boy did not share his toffees and tricycle with others.

3.Why are the two children nobody’s friends?
Ans. The two children are nobody’s friends because they do not share their things with anyone.

4. What does the child in the last stanza want to share?
Ans. The child in the last steinza wants to share his sweets, ball, books, games, apple and cake.

Let’s Talk
1.Do you like to share your favourite food or toys with others? Why?
Ans. Yes, I like to share my favourite food and toys with others because I enjoy it very much.

2. Who is your best friend? Can you describe him/her?
Ans. Sonu is my best friend. He is very smart and intelligent. He loves me and likes to share things with me. We sit together in the class. Whenever I have some problems he helps me.

3.Suppose you and your friends were very thirsty and there was only one glass of water. What would you do?
Ans. We shall share the glass of water.

4. If you had a bat, could you play cricket by yourself?
Ans. No game can be played alone. We need some Mends to play with.

Word Building
1.Can you find more words ending with – less.
Ans. Friendless, homeless, jobless, careless, thankless.

2. Can you write the opposite of?
Ans. (i) lend — borrow
(ii) nobody — somebody .

What are No Words
1.Several words mean no. The word never is one. It means at no time or not ever. Here are some other no words read them nobody
no where no
one none nothing
2.Read the given sentences and underline the no word in each.
(i) Nobody is at home. (ii) Ram has no book.
(iii) Can no one help him? (iv) Was Gopal nowhere around?
(v) None of the two boys came. (vi) There is nothing to do.
(vii) I have no coat. (viii) Radha is never late.
Ans.(i) Nobody (ii) no (iii) no one (iv) nowhere
(v) None (vi) nothing (vii) no (viii) never

Say Aloud
1.nobody everybody somebody cycle bicycle tricycle
share care stare hair pair stair
Now write words that rhyme with
Ans. train brain crane drain
friend send mend bend

Let’s Write
Here is a short story.
Once a lion lay fast asleep in the Ranathambore forest of Rajasthan. Some mice were playing hide and seek near him. One mouse got trapped under the lion’s paw. The lion woke up, laughed loudly and let the mouse go!
After some days the mouse heard the lion’s roar. He saw that the lion lay in great pain as he was tied with many ropes. The mouse used his sharp teeth and cut the rope.
“You are a true friend,”said the lion.
From Aeson’s Fables
Indeed, a friend in need is a friend indeed.
What does this mean?
(i)We must be there for Mends in troubles.
(ii) Only a good Mend will be with us when we are in trouble.
Ans. Read the above story and answer the questions.



Reading is Fun
Now that you have read and understood the lesson, can you answer these questions? You can put a (Right) on the right answer.
1.Why did the children hate Hari?
(i)Because he would not talk to anyone.
(ii)Because he always pinched them.
(iii)Because he loved stealing their food.
Ans. (ii) Because he always pinched them.

2. “Nobody took Hari’s hand. Nobody went near him. Nobody played with him.”This shows that Hari had
(i) many friends, (ii) few friends. (iii) no friends.
Ans. (iii) no Mends.

3. Which of the following actions would make a friendly person? Write them down.
â–  Respecting other people.
â–  Eating a small child’s tiffin.
â–  Calling people rude names.
â–  Pushing a smaller boy and making him cry.
Ans. These seaside creatures pinched Hari one by one. They kept on pinching till he turned black and blue and cried in pain. Afterwards Hari realised how it hurts when someone is pinched. He took a vow not to pinch children any more.

4. Read these sentences carefully.
I ate an apple.
A boy is standing under the tree.
The sun rises in the east.
A and an do not point out any definite or particular person or thing whereas, the is used when we speak of some particular person or thing. A, an and the are called articles.
Remember an is used before words beginning with a vowel a, e, i, o, u.
Now fill in the blanks with appropriate articles.
(i) Hari was——– unpopular boy.
(ii)The boys and girls went to——– seaside for a picnic.
(iii)He saw——–big crab coming towards him.
(iv)I found——– empty bottle, floating in the water.
(v)sea creatures ate his food——–.
Ans. (i) an (ii) the (iii) a (iv) an (v) the

5. A crab has a hard shell whereas a frog does not have one.
There are many animals that protect themselves from their enemies with their outer cover/shells/quills.
In the box given below are the names of some animals. Encircle the ones that can protect themselves with their hard cover.

6.Describe what is happening in the picture. Use is/are and -ing to make your sentences. Clues are given in the box.
For example, Krishna is swinging.
(i) Mary———–up the slide.
(ii)Hari———–and boxing together.
(iii)Little Bittoo ———– a lollipop.
(iv)Rita———–down the slide.
Ans.(i) is climbing (ii) is kicking
(iii) is licking (iv) sliding

Let’s be Creative and Talk
Work in groups of four. See the picture of a shipwreck at the bottom of the ocean, Suppose you went deep-sea diving. What would you find?
Think of all the words that come to your mind, then build a paragraph. Share your story with other groups.
Ans. I would find a number of things such as pearls, gems, fishing hooks, nets, pistols, iron chains etc.

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