NCERT  Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter  24 Home And Abroad

Discuss and Write
1. You can also make a small report comparing Abu Dhabi with the place where you live. You can use some of these points mentioned below while writing the report. You can also draw pictures or put photographs.
• The climate and weather
• What people wear
• The trees and plants
• The kind of buildings
• The traffic on the roads (kinds of vehicles)
• The common food items
• The language
Ans. Comparison of Abu Dhabi and Kerala
2. Why do you think many trees cannot grow in desert areas?
Ans. Because of scarcity of water.

3. Do you have any relatives who live in another country?
Ans. Yes, one of my uncles lives in the UK.

4. How long have they lived there?
Ans. He has been living there for 10 years.

5. Did they go there for studies or for work? Was there any other reason?
Ans. Initially he went there for studies. After studies he is doing a job there.

6.Look at these currency notes. Write the value of each note in the box near its picture
7. To which country does this currency belong?
Ans. These notes belong to India.

8. How did you know?
Ans. Because ‘Reserve Bank of India’ is written on the note.

9. Whose picture can you see on the notes?
Ans. Mahatma Gandhi.

10. Can you find any number on the notes (other than the value)?
Ans. It is the serial number of the note.

11. Do you think that two notes can have the same number?
Ans. No, two notes of the same denomination cannot have the same number.

12. Take a ten rupee note and observe it carefully. How many languages can you see on the note?
Ans. There are fifteen languages one can see on the note.

13. Write the name of the bank given on the note.
Ans. Reserve Bank of India.

Match the Coins
14. How many of these coins do you recognise?
Ans. I can recognize all the coins.

15. What is written on each coin other than the value?
Ans. ‘India’ is written on each coin other than the value.

16. Look at these notes. Do they all belong to India? Put a circle around notes that are not Indian.
17. Find out which country do they belong to

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