NCERT  Solutions for Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Anita  And The Honeybees

A Dream School
1. Find out how much money do you spend in one year for various school-related things.

2. How much money did you spend on your books this year?
Ans. 1500.

3. What kind of a school uniform would you like to wear? Draw a picture in your notebook.
Ans. I wear white shirt, blue pant, white socks, black shoes, blue tie and blue sweater.

Let us Talk
1. Do you know someone who wanted to study, but could not do so?
Ans. Yes, I know a boy who lives in my neighbourhood. His name is Mohan. He wanted to study but because of family circumstances he has to work to feed his family. Although, child labour is a crime in our country, his case is special. He is the only male in his family, so he has to earn bread and butter for his family.

2. Every child has a right to free education upto class VIII. Do you think that all children are able to study up to class VIII?
Ans. I know that every child has a right to free education up to class VIII but all children are not able to study up to class VIII because of various problems. Mohan is an example of such a child.

From School to Bee Keeping
1. Have you seen any insects near flowers? Find out th
Ans. Yes, I have seen. They are butterfly and honeybee.

2.Draw and colour their picture
ncert-solutions-for-class-4-evs-chapter-5-anita-and-the-honeybees-2 (2)

3. Why do you think they come to the flowers? Find out.
Ans. They come to flower to collect nectar.

4. When honeybees fly, there is a kind of sound. Can you try to copy this sound?
Ans. They produce a buzzing sound.

Find Out
1. What do people in your area put on the part of the body where the bee has stung?
Ans. They usually put lime or soda.
2. Draw a picture of a honeybee in your notebook. Colour it and give it a name.
Ans. Amrita.
3. What will be the total cost of Anita’s 20 boxes?
Ans. About Rs 20,000.

1. Anita and others in her village get Rs 35 for one kilogram of honey. How much does one kilogram of honey cost in your town?
Ans. One kg of honey costs Rs 250 in my town.

2. What are the different colours of honey that you have seen?
Ans. I have seen honey of golden and brown colours.

3. Is honey used in your house? For what is it used?
Ans. Yes, honey is used in my house. We eat honey with bread. It is a very tasty food. My grandfather takes one spoonful of honey every morning which keeps him healthy.

4. Which are some other insects that live together in a group, like honeybees?
Ans. Ants, termites and wasps also live together in groups like honeybees.

5. Have you seen where ants live?
Ans. Ants live in anthills made of earth.

6. What kind of eatables attract ants? List them.
Ans. Grains, sugar, dead insects, etc., attract ants.

7. Look at a line of ants. What is its colour?
Ans. They are of black, brown or red colour.

8. Have you been bitten by an ant? What was the ant like-black or red, big or small?
Ans. Yes, I have been bitten by an ant. That was a big black ant.

9. Do ants ever come near you? When?
Ans. When sugar, sweets or other eatables are left lying around.

10. Look carefully at some big and small ants. How many legs does an ant have?
Ans. They have 6 legs Big ants-six legs Small ants-six legs

11. Draw an ant in your notebook and colour it.
12.While eating peanuts you probably throw away the shells. Why don’t you try to make some insects by using the shells. Do not forget to colour them.
Ans. Do it yourself. Some pictures are given here

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