Nobody’s Friend – CBSE Notes for Class 5 English

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Summary :

(i)Nobody’s Friend

There are some children who do not share their things with anyone. Such children fail to establish friendship. As a result they have no friends. But at the same time there are many children who very lovingly share their things with others. These children have many friends.

(ii)The Little Bully

There was a boy named Hari. He was small but strong. He loved to tease all the boys and girls who went to school with him. What he loved to do most was to pinch. Another trick he played was pricking people with a pin. All the children therefore hated Hari. They never liked his company.
One day the class went for a picnic to the seaside. Although children were very excited, they did not go near Hari. They played among themselves leaving Hari alone on a sandy comer near a rocky pool.
It was the lunch time. Hari took out his lunch box and began to eat. Just then he saw a monster crab who came close to him and pinched him. Hari cried loudly. Soon many large lobsters and sandy-colored shrimps and prawns came out and pricked him one by one. Hari was helpless. His lunch rolled into the pool. He somehow saved his life. Now, he realized his mistake and took a pledge not to pinch or prick the children any more because it pains a lot.