Topsy-Turvy Land – CBSE Notes for Class 5 English

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Summary :

(i)Topsy-Turvy Land:

This poem is about a strange Land where everything is upside down. The sea is full of sand and the children go to school at night. One can find the front door step at the back and people walk when they are standing. Hat is not found on head but on feet. Buses run on the sea and boats in the streets. People have to pay for what they do not get and they go when they actually come back.

(ii)Gulliver’s Travels:

Once Gulliver reached an island with his companions. He sent a few of them to see if there was water on the island. But there was no water there. Suddenly his companions began to be chased by a huge creature. Luckily they all escaped. Now Gulliver was alone on the island. He quickly climbed up a steep hill with fields of barley on either side and the com rising upto forty feet. There was a fence to pass from one field to the other. Gulliver could not climb them because every step was six feet high. Soon he saw a farmer in the next field. He too was a monster. He was accompanied by seven other monsters like him to reap the com. Gulliver got frightened. He screamed loudly. But the monsters were kind to him. One of them picked him up and placed him on the ground. All the giant farmers came there to take a good look at him. Gulliver tried to speak to them in several languages but they could not understand him.
The farmer took him to his house and gave him crumbled bread to eat. Soon his one year old son came and grabbed him and put his head into his mouth. Gulliver shouted loudly and the baby dropped him at once. He would have fallen and broken his neck but the farmer’s wife caught him in time. She put Gulliver on her bed and covered him with a handkerchief.